Pop emergency!

Pop emergency!

Beyonce always goes the extra mile to ensure her private life remans… private, so unconfirmed reports will have to do right now, because the Internet believes the singer is currently in labor.

E! News has trudged up a couple of reasons to speculate.

Fleet of Escalades Photographed Leaving the Couple’s Los Angeles Home: Photogs captured all-black Escalade SUVs leaving Bey and Jay’s neighborhood yesterday and driving straight to an L.A.-based hospital.

She’s Been Admitted to an L.A.-Based Hospital: Several sources have told E! News that the singer has been admitted to an L.A.-based hospital where she likely checked in under an alias in order to prevent the media from tracking her down.

Security Has Ramped Up: With speculation that Bey has been admitted to a hospital somewhere in L.A., the paparazzi has begun swarming some of the locations she’s believed to be staying. With more paparazzi comes more security, of course. Some sources even tell us she’s asked to have entire hospital floors cleared in order to protect her privacy.

Her Hairstylist Posted an Interesting Photo: Celebrity hair guru, Chuck Amos, took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a photo with Bey, writing, “Hang in there, Mama!” alongside a heart to express his love for her. Many of the singer’s fans believe this could be an encouraging message while she’s in labor.

And She Already Had a Push Party: Meaning, she was nearing the end of her third trimester late last month.

The Internet reacts:

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