The Heydaze are feeling so dumb (da da dumb).

The Heydaze "Dumb" Lyric Video: BreatheHeavy Premiere

The Heydaze say their new song “Dumb” is about remembering (or not) your poor decisions from the night before.

NYC based modern pop rock band, The Heydaze, made up of Jesse Fink (vocals, guitar), Andrew Spelman (guitar) and Alexander Glantz (bass), release their new visual for “Dumb” off their self-titled EP out June 23 on iTunes. Following their recent tour alongside Jesse McCartney and Timeflies, the guys are promoting their record with its lead single titled “Dumb.” caught up with the guys to talk about their plans after touring, “Dumb” and what the rest of the year look likes.

How is your summer going thus far?
Summer has been AMAZING. Especially the last two weeks; from hearing our song “Dumb” for the first time on the radio (directly after our boy Jason Derulo) to seeing our EP hit #8 on the iTunes Pop charts the day of its release, it has been surreal. We’re also super excited to start a run of shows- in the next month we’re hitting DC, Albany, Chicago and Long Island.

What’s the inspiration behind “Dumb?”
Last summer, around the time we wrote the song, Alexander, Andrew and myself (Jesse) were living at my house in New York and had a pretty rowdy summer. Definitely had some “dumb” mornings that helped provide inspiration. More than that though, the song is about the all too common experience of waking up in the morning and saying “wow, I was a ******* idiot last night.” Whether that meant saying something stupid to a girl or getting into a fight with a friend, it’s pretty universal feeling that people can relate to.

How did the song’s playful lyrics come about?
The playful lyrics are pretty signature to our style. We’re all trained musicians and strive to make serious music, but no one likes a band who takes themselves too seriously. Obviously we have songs that are more cerebral and deeper, but those are complimented by our fun, lighthearted tracks like “Dumb.”

What’s next?
A lot more writing for a full length album and hopefully a fall tour. Our EP is definitely an accomplishment that we are proud of, but also only the beginning of what TheHEYDAZE has to offer.

Have YOU ever made a poor decision after a night of partying? Exactly.