The power of Britney.

Julia Michaels played a huge role in Glory, Britney Spears’ ninth studio album / masterpiece (“Invitation,” “Do You Wanna Come Over?,” “Just Luv Me, “Slumber Party” and “Just Like Me”).

In the months to follow, Michaels would begin the journey into solo pop stardom with her own material. She released the brooding pop gem “Issues” off her forthcoming EP tentatively titled Nervous System (out in May), and is making the promotional rounds to get the word out. That included a Q&A with MTV, where Michaels opens up about her humble beginnings, her single and watching the legendary Britney Spears in action. As we all would!

“It’s only when I hear them sing on the mic that I’m like ‘holy ****, that’s Britney Spears!’ I think that was probably the first moment that I was ever truly starstruck was when I got to work with Britney.”

See what’s good below (at 1:31):

Here’s another semi-recent interview of Michaels gushing over Britney:

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