Is Britney Spears’ marriage already in trouble? Only a year after the singer wed her back-up dancer Kevin Federline, reports are circulating that the two might be out of synch.

“Kevin has suddenly started partying like a single guy,” according to the new issue of In Touch Weekly. “In addition to going out on several occasions without his wedding band on, he’s been hanging out with his old posse of pals and flying to Las Vegas for weekends of drinking, gambling – and even lap dances in strip clubs!”

What’s more, there’s word that Britney is re-thinking her stated eagerness to have children as soon as possible. Apparently, she’s more devoted to her pampered pooches than her hubby is.

“It has occurred to Britney that Kevin isn’t a great help in cleaning up after the dogs,” a source told Life & Style Weekly. “And he might not be too eager to be on midnight diaper patrol either.”

The mag also reports that Spears spends so much time with her dogs – who sleep in their own nursery with sheets from Shabby Chic – that fitting children into her schedule doesn’t seem possible. “The other night Britney was leaving with Kevin for a romantic meal, but Bit Bit [her Chihuahua] whined and whined and refused to be left,” the insider told the mag. “Eventually, they stayed home and ordered takeout.”

Ah… The fake stuff! Is that because Britney and Kevin weren’t seen together as much as usual in the past few days? It takes just that to make a big deal out of nothing.

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