The Fat Jewish Expects The Unexpected: BreatheHeavy Exclusive

November 3, 2015 By Jordan Miller

The Instagram star talks to us about music, his recent feature in DNCE’s music video, Celine Dion, Britney Spears and more.


It’s a big day for Instagram star Josh Ostrovsky, A.K.A., @TheFatJewish.

His book titled “Money Pizza Respect,” described as a memoirish collection of debauchery, drops today (Nov. 3). On Halloween, Ostrovsky, who reaches more than 6.5 million followers on Instagram, rolled up to his appearance outside LAVO inside The Palazzo hotel in Las Vegas via a luxury golf cart, naturally, and gave BreatheHeavy the exclusive.

We advise you hold off reading our interview unless you’re sitting on the toilet. Then by all means, carry on.

Tell me a little about why you’re in Vegas this weekend for Halloween?
It’s because I’ve never seen Halloween in Vegas. It’s like an absolute STD Palooza. If you think the shame walking is good in your city, you know like the next morning you’re going to see Tinkerbell with mascara running down her face, walking down the street, holding her shoes… if you think it is good in your city… it is the best here. The post-Halloween shame walking here for men and women is unbelievable. The number of unwanted pregnancies tonight is absolutely ridiculous.

How would you describe your social media presence?
I like to feel like I’m bringing a little joy. If it’s 10 o’clock in the morning… you’re on the subway let’s say… somebody next to you is eating a piping hot bowl of chili and you’re like, ‘where did you even get chili at 9:30 in the morning?’ Like everything’s just… you gotta go to work, it’s horrendous, I like to think you can go on Instagram and I can bring you a little bit of ******* joy. Also, like, shitting. I’m there with you. Those are the moments that I enjoy on social media the most — when I can be there for you.

Like an escape?
Yeah! Yeah. I’m a giver. I’m like a total giver. I’m like a really, really, really, really, really ****** Gandhi.

You were just in DNCE’s new music video, too.
That was awesome. Joe Jonas is obviously a beautiful man. A great American. He asked me to do his video. I said yes before even hearing the concept, I was like ‘I’m down.’ Then he tells me me and 30 models, including plus-sized models, which are kind of my thing because for one I’m a plus-size model, and two because I love a nice sturdy girl with thick calves. I love thick calves. [We were] going to be fighting with a 20-foot high cake on the beach. Let’s make some memories.

Is there any musicians you’d like to work with next?
I’d love to do something really unexpected… I’d love to do something with Celine Dion. Where people are like ‘what the **** is going on.’

You’re in the perfect town for it!
Exactly. Celine, get at me.

What about Britney Spears?
I wanna get walked on a leash by Britney!

I did that (laughs)
Really? You’re living MY dreams. That’s ******’ sick. How do I get in on that? My bucket list is like three things long and that’s one of them… yeah, me in a Celine Dion video would ******* shatter… minds would be completely melted.

What music do you listen to for your escape?
Basically the world’s most ignorant rap music. Anything Future, anything 2 Chainz. I like some good music with a message, but I prefer rap music where they’re talking about riding around the world in a hot air balloon throwing money over the side. Riding a falcon into outer space and having unprotected *** with women. I like it really dumb.

You got a bit of heat for “joke theft” earlier this year.
I just feel like the Internet loves getting riled up. People are like, ‘Oh my God dude. **** them. You know you have my support. I want to have your children and rip your **** off and wear it as a necklace. I love you so much.’ I’m like, that’s too extreme, and then there’s people like, ‘you’re the ******* worst! What you’re doing is completely wrong and outlandish!’ And I’m like that’s probably too much also.

How do you feel about the comments?
Let’s just find a middle ground. I want everyone to be happy. I just don’t think 39-year-old comedy writers and 17-year-old Koreans on the Internet are really on the same page and then I kind of got put in the middle of it. I feel like we all learned a little something and we’re back to having fun and looking at pictures of lizards with chill sunglasses… which is what Instagram is for. And pictures of our dinners. We figured it out. I like to think everyone is kind of happy.

What do you consider success?
When you basically get famous enough that if you’re a straight man, you can start having *** with guys, but it’s not even gay. You know, like when Mick Jagger got famous enough, he started having *** with David Bowie, but he wasn’t even gay. Like Usher. They do the same thing. Have *** with men, because you’re that famous. Because you’re bored with women and you’re over it and you just need to go to the next level. You just do whatever. You basically have *** with whoever has the good energy. Because you’re at parties with beautiful people. The men these ultra famous people sleep with are much better looking than the women I sleep with. I’d like to get to that level where I can star having *** with guys. That’d be success.

Parting words?
You really can’t get an STD if you never get tested. It is the truth. Do it for the Gram.