Fans are pretty thrilled with Britney’s new X Factor role, but that certainly doesn’t mean everyone is.

The Examiner wrote a long piece criticizing her because Brit reportedly didn’t shake an advertiser’s hand.

“He should be embarrassed and appalled by Spears’ inexcusable, snotty behavior. Say what you will about Cowell, but behind the scenes, by all accounts, one of his biggest personal rules for himself and his employees is to always be respectful to advertisers/sponsors and other benefactors. Advertisers are paying the show’s bills, and even if Spears didn’t want to do interviews at the event, the least she could do is try and make an effort to be polite and friendly to the event’s invited guests. It takes two seconds to shake someone’s hand. But apparently that’s just too much for Spears, who can’t be bothered to shake hands with the “little people.” Someone should remind Spears that those people are helping pay her $15 million “X Factor” salary.

Cowell may be too blinded by Spears’ fame to see what a disaster in the making Spears will be as a judge. She is certainly not the “great catch” that “The X Factor” is hyping her to be. There are no indications that Spears is enjoying this job or making an effort to personally connect with advertisers and viewers. It’s only going to get worse for her when she’s on live TV and gets booed for eliminating contestants and when the other judges start arguing with her. She can’t ignore all that by walking off to a waiting car when it suits her, with her bodyguards and entourage in tow.”

The author of this article wasn’t a fan before the X Factor hoopla, so I imagine she’s not feeling this at all. Lucky for us, we only give a **** about what Britney says, not The Examiner!

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