The band calls it quits.


This story was originally published on May 31. Today (June 2), Kemosabe Records, RCA Records, Larry Rudolph and Robin Antin confirm the news. “Nearly 9 months following the tragic death of band member Simone Battle, girl group G.R.L. announces today that they are disbanding. We wish them continued success in each of their next creative endeavors.”


Are the remaining members of G.R.L. slowly but surely confirming the end of the group?

After the tragic suicide of former member Simone Battle, many questioned whether G.R.L. could really continue without her in the face of such overwhelming odds. Sadly, it’d seem the girls have decided to call it a day.

Although no official statement has been made, as with all breaking pop news in 2015, the clues we need to decipher what’s happening with the four piece are on Twitter. First, some eagle-eyed stans noticed that Paula van Oppen had deactivated her official G.R.L. handle ‘@GRLPaula’, although her former account directs us to ‘@eyesthatlightup’:

The un-verified account makes no mention of G.R.L. and doesn’t follow any of Paula’s former bandmates.

Similarly, the account @GRLEmmalyn has now been closed.

Although both Lauren and Natasha have retained their Twitter presence, this not-so cryptic tweet from Lauren would seem to confirm that the end is nigh for the Robin Antin formed group.

The news may come as a blow to the girls’ dedicated fans but it’s probably not all that surprising. It’s hard enough for a band like G.R.L. to withstand the departure of a member but to lose a key player in such a tragic manner is arguably unsurvivable. Hopefully the “Ugly Heart” stars can move on and begin to find the closure they will undoubtedly need.

Stay tuned for official confirmation of their split.