We got PUNK’D! Earlier reports claimed Jamie Lynn was taken home to Serenity, her mom’s estate in Kentwood, Louisiana, but OKmagazine.com is claiming these reports are false: “Many reporters and photographers fell victim to a well-choreographed ruse, which had Casey and Lynne drive back to Serenity with a Jamie Lynn look-alike in the back of the car, thus allowing mom and daughter to make their exit in private, driven separately by private security guards and escorted by state troopers back to their home in Liberty.”

Jamie Lynn instead was chauffeured to her newly purchased home in Liberty, Mississippi with Maddie Briann around 1:45 am yesterday morning.

But how do they explain THIS ARTICLE of Casey and a security guard driving a shielded Jamie Lynn? The stories conflict. Who cares… Just glad they’re all safe and sound. And healthy.

And BTW I never thought I’d say “switcheroo” in my entire life.

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