Will Britney take the “Circus” down under?

According to News.com.au, Britney has plans to take her tour to Australia.

“Leading concert promoters are in talks with the US singer, and tour dates are expected to be scheduled for later this year. “

“All the promoters are vying for it, but the bottom line is she really wants to come here and she really wants to come here this year,” Sony Australia boss Denis Handlin said.

Barry Weiss, head of JIVE Records, spoke to Handlin last week about the tour.

“I think the promoters are battling it out at the moment,” he said.

Frontier Touring’s Michael Gudinski confirmed he was in talks with Britney’s management, stating there were several promoters after Britney and her possible Australian tour dates.

“I don’t expect anything will be worked out or finalised for a month, but we’re in there.”

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