The guys write us a message just for BreatheHeavy readers.

The Chainsmokers & Tritonal Share "Until You Were Gone" Ft. Emily Warren

Alex and Drew of The Chainsmokers want you to check out their latest release.

Normally, we like to write up our music posts, but The Chainsmokers sent us a lengthy message exclusively for BreatheHeavy readers about their new song with Tritonal titled “Until You Were Gone” featuring Emily Warren, so we’ll let them do the talking.

It reads:

“SO two Texans, Two New Yorkers, and One Mainer walk into a bar… haha Jk I couldn’t think of any clever joke… but essentially we did all walk into a bar meet, get drunk, had a great time and then make this beauty of a progressive dance song! Be warned though!

If big vocal progressive house isn’t your thing, then go no further, but we urge you to move forth! In our opinion this is one of those great dance tracks because its a perfect blend of both pop and dance! The whole point of collabs is to take the best of each group and put it forth on a track! And we really think we all did just that! Tritonal crushed it with their insane sound design and melodic drops and we brought it with our Indie Pop touches and also some melodic work! And Emily, well emily’s vocal needs no intro, its perfection!

Also can we point out that we have been releasing a single every month for the last 5 months… Our last song SPLIT with Tiesto went #1 on Beatport which was sick, BUT what we are most proud of is our ROSES single which continues to grow as a record and has since entered TOP 40 radio! We cannot believe it and we have over 1500 #rosesonrepeat video submissions! Obviously its far from what people would call a ‘HIT’ but you know we think a lot of people doubted us post #selfie and we are busting *** to put that to bed! Seriously, google that hashtag in youtube and youll see some insanity!

Anyway, we plan to continue to follow this release strategy, as its important for us to give back to our day one fans and supporters but also its just really exciting and we have so much music!!!! So anyway, enough banter! If you like the track your support means a lot and if not no sweat, we really appreciate you taking a second to listen and we hope we can satisfy your taste with another track in the future! and if you have any comments or questions or want to say **** you drew, **** you alex, dont hesitate to respond and say just that 😉 One last thing we want to mention is our FREINDZONE TOUR which starts in a few weeks! Its a 37 city bus tour with our new and really badass stage/visual production we designed! Its going to be nuts 2 buses across North America!”

Listen to The Chainsmokers & Tritonal’s new track “Until You Were Gone” featuring Emily Warren:

PS: Here’s Justin Bieber jamming out to their recent song “Roses” a few days ago:

Roses @justinbieber remix! #whatdoyoumean you stole @rorykramer from us ?? #justinbieber

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