The Chainsmokers won’t let you down with their latest dance song featuring Daya.


Amp up your Super Bowl weekend with this new party jam.

The Chainsmokers build their Hot 100 momentum with a new song. While “Roses” sits comfortably at No. 6 this week, DJ duo Alex and Drew dropped another vibey nightlife track starring 17-year-old Daya, who also lands on the charts this week with her song “Hide Away” (No. 24). Daya sings the song title on loop over an electric guitar and occasional dance club breakdown featuring blaring synth horns.

“So we know we have released a couple tracks since ‘Roses’, of which we all love, but we would consider this as our follow up to ‘Roses’,” The Chainsmokers said of the song. “We consider this to be our most complete track and just like ‘Roses’ came together in one session for the most part. We wrote this track with the talented Emily Warren who you might recognize from DLMD and with Scott.”

The guys tells BreatheHeavy via email: “We are gonna hit you with the cliche of cliche and say this is the best track we have ever made, but for real it feels that way. We think the mistake most producers make is not trying to push things forward and evolve but we really went for it with this one! So fun fact this track was entirely finished when our computer crashed and we lost everything it sucked so if you havent done that in a while stop what youre doing and go do it!… literally everything… so we had to rebuild this one from scratch and tbh we think its better than ever! But we hope you enjoy the track… Daya crushed the vocals and we think the production a la the XX vibes compliments it really well… we actually bought the guitar the same day we made this! BUT PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LISTEN THROUGH TO THE 3RD DROP…. You will thanks us after.”

Listen here:

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