The next radio takeover.

The next radio takeover.

The Chainsmokers’ next single off Memories… Do Not Open couldn’t come at a better time. The Grammy Award winning duo recently opened up about how they handle their haters (“You don’t give a f**k about them love the people that support you and keep proving everyone wrong”), and they’re doubling down when they release “Honest” next month.

The song is reflective and enlists some wise words from U2 frontman Bono in the intro: “The other one is, of course, outing yourself,” he says. “I think be the first to out yourself, I always think, because, you know, there’s no end to the hypocrisy of the human heart.”

Drew Taggart takes the lead on the track with lyrics to relate to Millennials. “It’s been three weeks at least, now, since I’ve been gone / And I don’t even like the road, I’m just on the radio.” Alex Pall handles the building synths and drilling production effects.

“Honest” will reportedly be sent to radio July 11.

Give it a spin below:

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