The Chainsmokers are in hot water for a joke they made about Asians.

Probably not the best idea to make a comment insinuating Asians eat dogs while in Asia being interviewed by an Asian reporter on the same day that South Korean boy band BTS announced their collaboration with the EDM duo. But get that promo.

Over the weekend, The Chainsmokers were in Shanghai to perform at electronic music festival, Ultra China. Today (Sep. 11), the duo posted a promotional clip of their trip overseas, which included a failed joke made by Alex Pall. The reporter asks Pall if he would bring his dog with him on tour. Pall says he would if she behaved better, then drops the bomb: “Well I don’t know if I’d bring her to China.” Clearly, Pall was insinuating that Chinese people might eat his dog. The interviewer looked slightly mortified.

The comment sparked outrage on Twitter, so the guys apologized. “We would never intentionally do anything to upset our fans and we apologize if it offended anyone,” their statement reads. They backtrack in a classic PR move: “I made a comment in an interview about being hesitant to bring my dog, Cheddar, to China, because I have read reports about dogs being slaughtered in certain provinces.” Nice one.

It’s never OK to be racist, but the timing here is particularly awful. The Chainsmokers have a new collaboration with BTS on the way – it’s titled “Best Of Me” and will land on the group’s forthcoming album, Love Yourself: Her, which already has over 1 million pre-orders before it drops Sep. 18.

The cliff notes? The Chainsmokers said something stupid yet again but they apologized and they have a new song with BTS which will probably break the Internet and top the Hot 100.

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