The Chainsmokers Drop Video For Acoustic Rendition Of “Setting Fires” featuring XYLØ

December 5, 2016 By Jordan Miller

The Chainsmokers premiered a video for the acoustic version of “Setting Fires” with XYLØ.



The Chainsmokers premiered a video for the acoustic version of “Setting Fires” with XYLØ:


The Chainsmokers drop a fiery lyric video for “Setting Fires” featuring XYLØ:


The Chainsmokers’s new EP Collage is out.

EDM duo Alex and Drew are currently the 2016 record holders for longest run at No. 1 with their Halsey-assisted song “Closer,” which has remained at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 for an astounding 11 weeks, and they hope to top that feat with the latest release off their forthcoming EP Collage out today (Nov. 4).

TCS have a history with lady collaborations.

They first hooked up with Rozes on 2015’s “Roses,” which topped out at No. 6, and Collage utilizes a female singer on all five songs, including the previously released tracks “Don’t Let Me Down” featuring Daya (which peaked at No. 3 earlier this year), “Inside Out” featuring Charlee, the Pheobe Ryan-assisted “All We Know” and of course “Closer” with Halsey.

With Collage comes a brand new song: “Setting Fires” featuring XYLØ.

Can lightning strike twice? Quite possibly. The track meets all the marks we’d expect from a solid Chainsmokers song:

Female feature? √

Whirring electro beat? √

Catchy chorus? √√

Listen below:

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