UPDATE: The Chainsmokers and Halsey attain their first-ever No. 1 on the Hot 100.


UPDATE // AUGUST 22: The Chainsmokers’ recent release “Closer” featuring Halsey jumped 6-1 on the Hot 100, knocking Sia’s “Cheap Thrill”s featuring Sean Paul to No. 2 and giving both the EDM duo and Halsey’s first-ever No. 1.

Huge props!


The Chainsmokers team up with Halsey on a new song titled “Closer.”

Alex and Drew from The Chainsmokers are looking to strike while the iron’s hot – their collaboration with Daya on “Don’t Let Me Down” currently sits in the Top 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 (it peaked at No. 3), and their Bouquet EP track “Roses” featuring Rozes is a legitimate bop.

Can lightning strike a third time? Absolutely.

The EDM duo dropped their new single titled “Closer” featuring Halsey, a striking song that incorporates quirky electro house production around the Badlands singer’s soft tone alongside Drew, but the song’s message is anything but.

“We wanted to make a cool song about something thats super relatable but do it in a clever way,” The Chainsmokers tells BreatheHeavy.com. “The songs about f–king your ex-girlfriend and then after remembering all the reasons why you hate that person.”

The main concept, structure and lyrics for the song happened in a day or two.

“Cutting the vocal and all that took the longest just because that was a first for us,” they added. “Like all our best stuff, at least in our opinion, they happen quickly and in one stream of thought.”

They added Halsey was a collaboration they always dreamed about.

“If you had asked us over the last year who our #1 person we would want to collab with it would be Halsey,” they continued. “She is so authentic, talented and just badass. She represents so much in what we admire in any artist. The song and its message, needed someone badass like Halsey to represent the other side… We cant stress enough how perfect she is.”

As for what they want people to take away from “Closer?”

“Whatever they want, but if we had to choose, just an appreciate for the fact we are really challenging ourselves as artists to produce, write and sing on our tracks, in the case of Drew. Obviously thats not what most will take away, so **** it, just enjoy it, get laid to it, sing it, be sad to it, whatever you want… just enjoy it!”

Listen here:

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