The production duo emailed us a letter to share with you.


Alex and Drew from The Chainsmokers sent us a letter to share with you.

Hey BreatheHeavy,

DAMN Daniel… back at it again with another song already!

Ugh, I’m actually embarassed for ourselves for doing that, but it just seemed too easy to pass up on to get a smile or disapproving nod. But for real on a side note, don’t you think Ellen hooking Daniel up with a lifetime supply of free Vans sorta f—ed him, cause he prlly [sic] coulda gotten some dope sponsorship from Vans, but now its like ****… Ellen done deal.

We digress. We have a brand new single from us featuring the incredible vocals of Charlee who is brand new on the scene. It’s a bit different than any of the stuff we have previously sent you, but we think you will really enjoy it.

Now how good was that 😉

The back story: So basically we discovered Charlee through our buddy Adrian Lux. We asked him to put us in touch and we really hit it off. She had such an incredible voice and we didnt even know about her song writing yet. We sent her a demo called ‘Halo’ we had done and within a week she had sent us back one of the most dark and emotional toplines we have yet received. Side story… she actually was in NYC and we had finished the song, but unfortunately a few weeks later our computer crashed and we lost everything. (IF YOU ARE READING THIS BACK UP YOUR STUFF NOW). Good news was we were better producers and the new version kicks ***! It’s rare you find a partner like Charlee to work with, someone who is so raw and authentic as an artist. We are working on a bunch of other stuff with her as well – she just inspires us in a way a lot of music doesn’t. For us, that inspiration is super important because it’s very fleeting so it was a real pleasure working with this gal.

So yeah, we hope you love the track and we are gonna be working on some other stuff of hers, as it’s looking like she will be the first artist we will ever be producing for that isnt a Chainsmokers single. She is just that dope in our opinion.

It’s been an incredible start to the year with our track “Don’t Let Me Down” with Daya doing so well and we have been working SUPER hard on some material that we think will blow all this stuff away once it’s ready.

If [any of the BreatheHeavy readers] will be at Coachella… we beg you to come check out our set on Sunday at the Sahara Tent! [We’ve] been working very hard on our production and set for some time and the show is really gonna be special!

Other things worth mentioning:
1) We will be at Bonnaroo
2) Dont travel to mexico with xanax in an unlabeled bottle
3) we love you

Much love and if you need anything from us like the mp3, some dating advice, a line of credit or a radio shout out to maybe win over a loved one we got you! As always 😉

Keep it lit,
Alex and Drew