The Chainsmokers think Lady Gaga’s “A-Yo” is a diss track aimed at them.


The Chainsmokers think Lady Gaga’s “A-Yo” is a diss track aimed at them.

Not entirely wrong, but no.

Rolling Stone asked Alex and Drew of The Chainsmokers what they thought of Gaga’s lead Joanne single, and, you’re well aware by now, they said it “*****.”

Mother Monster held her own that week, batting down negative reviews from Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney and Jon Caramanica from the New York Times, as well as putting the EDM duo on blast.

During a visit with BBC Radio, The Chainsmokers clarified, and were asked if they had changed their mind on “Perfect Illusion.”

“Nope. It’s not her, I respect her as an artist but I’m a loud mouth New Yorker. It ***** and we are so new to the whole exposure, attention thing. And things get taken out of context or misrepresented or I don’t communicate clearly my true feelings,” Drew said.

He added: “And before that quote we did say that we respect her as an artist and she’s done some incredible things but this wasn’t one of the things we were a fan of. But she was super cool, she responded back. Well I don’t know if it was super cool, she kind of threw shade at us. She was clever, she promoted her new song while throwing shade at us and was like ‘maybe you’ll like this one better’ and the song kind of felt like a diss track.”

“Lyrically I don’t remember what it was but it was like something about’ smoking’ us. I called my girlfriend to fill her in about what is happening and she’s like ‘you’re an idiot’.”


In other news, The Chainsmokers are newly-announced performers at the AMAs.

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