The Chainsmokers Describe “Roses” Music Video: BreatheHeavy Exclusive

August 9, 2015 By Jordan Miller

They have more songs than #Selfie for God’s sake.

The Chainsmokers Describe "Roses" Music Video: BreatheHeavy Exclusive

Stop and smell the roses!

Alex and Drew of The Chainsmokers release a second visual for their latest jam titled “Roses” alongside Rozes. The video for their new savory electro tune shows a girl struggling with the tribulations from her relationship and uses dance to sort it all out,

“Our buddies over at Impossible Brief actually came up with the concept,” the guys tell BreatheHeavy. “It’s a really interesting story. So initially, we only did graphic design with them and they were going to also start doing our show visuals. We would send them the tracks of course so they got a feel for them. When they heard ‘Roses’ they loved it so much they insisted that they create a video. At the time we already had the Rory Kramer video in the works so it seemed sort of unnecessary, but we realized that it would be really cool to have a video that captured the emotion of the song. Rory’s video is brilliant we felt there was still more of a visual tail to be told. So we said sure go for it, they came up with these awesome concept on a very tight budget and knocked it out the park.

The guys added they couldn’t use Rory’s video as the official video because of legal reasons due to problems with location clearances, so “this video became the official video and now we have two incredible videos for our song!”

“Its been a crazy 3 years,” they continue. “Rarely does any press with us start without the phrase, ‘you know them from the song #selfie…’ it drives us crazy that that is our only legacy right now despite 35+ remixes and seven originals, but we get it…. with that said though, we finally feel like we have a song that could maybe give reason for people to change how they start writing about us.”

Done and done.