Cue the screaming girls in 3…2…


Cue the screaming girls in 3…2…

Power-pop rock band The Catching is a group of teen musicians made up of singer/songwriter Holden Glazer (vocals, bass), Jake Farbman (guitar), Evan Hemwall (guitar) and Drew Stevens (drums).

They’re the perfect recipe for super stardom.

The group, who is currently working with a company that acts as an independent label service, plans on releasing their first studio album titled Teenage Fiction soon, but are figuring out a proper distribution deal first.

The guys have already released a string of songs, including “Seventeen,” which inspired the album title. Their latest premiere, “Better,” exclusively drops on today (June 24). It was inspired by a relationship where outside opinions negatively influence the infrastructure of a budding romance.

“Despite their romantic connection… the two people I wrote [“Better”] about gave in and listened to other people rather than themselves,” Glazer tells us of the song’s meaning. “It frustrated me thinking about it. People should care about their own feelings rather than their friends opinions.”

He adds: “I want people to take away that love wins no matter who tells you otherwise. Follow your heart and trust your gut.”

Of the creation process, Glazer says “Better” was written in Nashville with producer Skidd Mills.

“[Mills and] I were working on lyrics for one of the other songs of the album, just the two of us,” he continued. “When I played the lead guitar riff on my acoustic, he told me he really liked it, so we sat down, switching subjects to this new song, and just went with the flow. We played through the earliest version and figured out the parts for around an hour or so when the band came in.”

Listen here:

Teenage Fiction doesn’t have an official release date yet, but you can keep these guys on your radar by following them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.