Photos of Britney leaving the gym on Monday caused quite a stir amongst fans after speculation began that photographers Photoshopped cellulite on her. The photos in question:

The C Word

Here are some of the comments in Exhale:

“Wait, I don’t get it. The paps are photoshopping the pics?”

“They do a zoom focus highlighting the legs issue? I don’t know what the technique is called but my sister did it in photography class to show moles on a person’s forearm and to highlight a fly in a spiderweb. She wanted everything to look normal except a heighten look at the part she wanted highlightened. Britney’s in motion here so everything is in action so just imagine that focused and highlighted.”

“Not that I think there’s anything wrong with Britney having cellulite, I honestly don’t care, she’s perfect regardless. When I first saw the pictures what I noticed and got excited about was how hot she looked, like face and body ON POINT, whatever is on her legs doesn’t take away from her beauty!”

“Britney wouldn’t care. Maybe you all should do the same.”

Back in 2011, Britney allowed media to publish two un-airbrushed photos of her from her Candies shoot with Mark Liddell ā€œin order to highlight the pressure exerted on women to look perfect.ā€

Another day another drama, but what do you think… Real? Fake? Does it matter?

Update: X17 confirms they did not Photoshop the images.

absolutely no Photoshop! we just caught her leg in motion…not the most flattering one, unfortunately.