The Britney Army Fends Off Little Monsters From Joseph Kahn

August 19, 2013 By Jordan Miller

The Britney Army Fend Off Little Monsters From Joseph Kahn

Lady Gaga fans attacked music video director Joseph Kahn’s (“Stronger,” “Womanizer”) Twitter over the weekend after Kahn Tweeted his love for Katy Perry’s new song “Roar.” He did NOT mention Gaga or “Applesauce” in any way, but Little Monsters decided to send him death threats, racial slurs and more because they’re threatened.

That’s ****** up, but don’t worry… Exhale and The Britney Army got his back, and he really appreciated that!

There’s a reason they’re called Little Monsters and we’re The Britney Army. Remember that!

See you at the top of that charts ;)