Tomorrow is the big day. Tomorrow determines whether or not Britney will receive more custody rights or not. It is strongly recommended that Britney appears for the hearing: “Britney’s lawyers know if she does not attend tomorrow’s hearing, the Commish almost certainly will extend the ban on visitation until the April trial. Britney’s lawyers know Commissioner Scott Gordon expects Britney to address a number of issues surrounding the craziness at her home a week ago Thursday. In particular, commissioner Gordon wants Brit to explain why she violated the custody order by not turning the kids over to KFed’s security guard at 7pm that evening. The commissioner is also keenly interested in Britney’s behavior that caused her to be placed on a 5150 hold at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center,” according to TMZ.

Mark Vincent Kaplan a.k.a. “the vulture,” is trying his best to keep the boys away from Britney, not a smart move: “It’s a terrible thing to keep children away from their mother. The courts will have to weigh that against the trauma of another possible standoff situation,” says family law attorney Lynn Soodik toto People, who’s not involved in the case. She continues to say that because of Britney’s four hour custody stand-off last week, it will be a bit more difficult for Britney to receive more custody rights: “At the next hearing, it’s extremely unlikely Spears will get visitation restored to what she had. One argument she could present is that the standoff was due to a medically treatable reason, and that she’s now treating that problem.”

Britney has an uphill battle it seems. Kaplan has also subpoenaed the emergency personnel that attended to the stand-off situation, including the hospital, firemen, and police. Where’s Fat Tony and his ******** stories when you need him?

Pagesix (so reliable, I know…) is reporting that Britney most likely will still have reduced visitation, but will not be completely removed from her sons’ lives: “A source close to Britney’s lawyer is telling PageSix that Commissioner Scott Gordon is expected to reinstate the pop star’s visitation with very limited and brief visits.

Sources close to the singer’s attorney Anne Kiley anticipates that, at Monday’s child-custody hearing, Commissioner Gordon will issue a visitation schedule consisting of (at the most) three two-hour visits a week conducted in the presence of a court-appointed monitor. A source familiar with the case says it’s very unlikely that the judge will strip Britney of all contact with the children.”

If tomorrow does not go accordingly, and Kevin still has sole custody rights, there is still time to turn things around. Custody arrangements are always modifiable,” Soodik says. “Since the kids are so young, that would just be the end of Round 1.”

Let’s hope Britney gets herself back on track ASAP so she can be with her little guys whom she loves more than anything in the world. She can turn things around, and she will. Just have to believe in her, rather than take the easy route and assume the worst and trash her.

She needs love and support today from her fans. Calm your mind Britney, and good luck tomorrow!

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