And pigs fly.

There’s a rumor that Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are performing together at the VMAs.

100000% not happening but just letting you know the latest: The BBC is spreading the news of a possible onstage collaboration with the formerly feuding pop stars. They don’t actually cite where they heard this, but it’s more hilarious than interesting.

Taylor would literally never. Why? For starters, the 1989 singer has gone through extraordinary lengths to stay hidden from the public – even during her public groping court case that’s underway (the only proof we have that she’s attended are on the record quotes and those viral sketches that looked eerily reminiscent to some actualized Disney villain).

Second, Swift has yet to acknowledge Perry’s multiple apologies. Her only response was releasing 1989 onto all streaming platforms the same night Katy’s album Witness dropped. Savage.

And also… it wreaks of desperation, and that’s just not Tay Tay’s style. Looks like we’ll have to wait until August 27 to find out.

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