Tickets go on sale October 1.


UPDATE // SEPTEMBER 23: Dreams really do come true. The Backstreet Boys teased the idea of a Vegas residency back in April (see below), and nearly six months later it’s a done deal. The boy band will kick off their new show named Larger Than Life on March 1, 2017. They’ll perform in the Axis theater – the same location as Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez. Watch their announcement:

Just in time, as Mariah Carey makes her Vegas exit around those same dates.


While they no longer court the mainstream music charts, the Backstreet Boys are still hard at work.

After just releasing a zombie apocalypse film with NSYNC (yes, you read that right) the BSB are moving onto their next business venture and pop’s latest trend – a Vegas residency.

Nick Carter spoke to ET about their plans to reside in the city, stating:

“We have a deal with Live Nation, which is the touring company, and we just signed a 9-show deal to do sort of like a test run in Vegas with the residency. So that’s definitely going to happen, but we’re going to do a trial run first. It would definitely have to be a very big and spectacular show. Thankfully, we have a good catalog so we can perform all of our hits. That could take up a lot of the show.”

In past world tours, the Boys have performed elaborate aerial tricks and wowed crowds with their highly choreographed dance performances. If they want to hold their own against Vegas’s current big names like Britney and J-Lo, they’ll definitely have to pull out all their late 90s performance stops!

Carter also confirmed the band is working on a new album and world tour.