The Baby Looks More Like A Spears Than A Federline

September 28, 2005 By Jordan Miller

Us Weekly: Federline, in shorts and a black baseball cap, cut the umbilical cord. “This is wonderful and exciting,” Ron Story, Federline’s uncle, tells Us.
“He’s a beautiful baby,” says a Spears pal, who describes the child as having light eyes and dark hair. “He looks more like a Spears than a Federline.” And fellow mom Madonna called, says a pal, and told her “she’s in for a ride.”
On September 16th the trio left for their Malibu estate emerging only for a barbecue at Jamie’s home in California’s San Fernando Valley on September 18th, the couples’s one year anniversary.
So with harmony at home, the new parents can focus on work. “Kevin is still working on his album,” says an industry insider, “and a song dedicated to their baby.”

Source: Us Weekly