That graphic was posted on several years ago, and it still seems to be so very true. These last few days have been ca-razy. I have received tons of phone calls, been interviewed for magazines, answered over 200 emails, and tried to keep with the media circus that is Britney Spears. The site received close to 500,000 hits this weekend, so I just want to thank all of you for visiting the site.

Next, I want to talk about the fanbook project. I really encourage you guys to keep sending in emails if you have questions, and please start writing / sending in your letters. Other sites may try to duplicate, but copying is the biggest form of flattery.

Finally, I do have some projects in mind for the site, including a new February magazine issue (cover has an exclusive picture), tons of new Britney remixes sent in exclusively to BreatheHeavy, as well as (finally) upgrading the gallery. Things are really starting to take off, and I appreciate everyone who visits the site. I look forward for the future, and I look forward for what’s to come.

– Jordan

New Layout

p.s. – check out the new Britney inspired myspace default.

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