Britney makes a lot of silly faces, and being the most documented and sought after woman of our generation, she’s bound to be captured making a lot of em’.

Buzzfeed published 31 Faces You Make If You Are Britney Spears today, and it had me laughing. A little. In an effort to one up them, check out BreatheHeavy’s 32 Faces You Make If You Are Britney Spears.

1. The “This Should Do It” Face

2. The “And This Is Happening” Face

3. The “I’m Having The Best Day Ever” Face

4. The “I’m Having The Worst Day Ever” Face

5. The “No ***** Left To Give” Face

6. Seriously, None

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7. The “I Ate Eggs” Face

8. And Grits!

9. The ” You’re Pathetic” Face

10. The “I’m Hot And Wet” Face

11. Ten Years Later Still Hot And Wet

12. Now Just Wet

13. Not That Kind Of Wet

14. The “Do You Like This Finger?” Pose

15. Then You’ll Love This One

16. The “I’m Bringing *** To This Show” Face

17. And This Show

18. The “Everyone Has Off Days” Face

19. The “They Want A Blackout 2?” Face

20. The “I Thought This Was Keesha” Face

21.The “Why Was I On Glee Anyway?” Face

22. The “I Hate ******’ Waiting” Face

23. The “He’s Pinching My ***” Face

24. The “Awe Christina Still Does Music?” Face

25. The “Fake Smile” Face

26. The “Fake Smile” Face

27. The “Genuine Smile” Face

28. The “That Was His Foot” Face

29. The “Living Legend You Can Look But Don’t Touch” Face

30. Seriously.

31. The “Who’s Excited For My New Album?” Face

32. ME too

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