Rock band call out their critics in colorful new video.


The 1975 are on the brink of stardom, building up an impressive fanbase and staking their claim as a glam rock/pop outfit.

The band’s second album I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful But So Unaware Of It (yes, really) is released today and features catchy new single The Sound.

The video premiere coincided with the album release and sees the band go meta to tackle the commentary so often aimed at new acts or pop bands.

As The 1975 perform while trapped inside of a transparent box, common criticisms you’d usually see polluting the average YouTube comments section appear on the screen, as a judgemental group of observers laugh and point at the group. Toward the end of the video, the band switch places with their critics, watching as they attempt to escape the box.

Just a few weeks ago, lead singer Matt Healey took aim at One Direction, firing off criticisms similar to the ones highlighted in this video. Publicity stunt? Lack of self awareness?

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