Some deny that’s Bieber’s voice, but we’re not so sure.

Is That Justin Bieber On

Rumor has it this new song by Justin Bieber isn’t actually him, but isn’t it?

The thirst is real for Bieber’s new mature-sounding music. Beliebers are so parched that songs sounding like the Biebs seem to pass off as the real deal, including this demo titled “California Crusin'” thought to be the Biebs, and although some sites are reporting the song is an imposter, but it sounds an awful lot like the Biebs. So much so we’re inclined to not believe the denials and assume it really is him.

Whatever Bieber crafts up in the studio will surely be great following the success of his Jack Ü collaboration for “Where Are Ü Now” (even the original sounds dope). While he repairs his reputation from bad boy to legitimate performer, enjoy the new song (whether it’s him or isn’t).

Do you think “California Crusin” is Justin Bieber or nah?

And here are several shirtless photos of Justin Bieber performing in Hong Kong this week.
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