That’s Hot: Paris Hilton & DJ Poem Craft “Never Be Alone”

January 22, 2015 By Jordan Miller

That's Hot: Paris Hilton & DJ Poem Craft "Never Be Alone"

The club scene continues to infiltrate Paris Hilton’s life, then ours.

Paris has a new mix out with DJ Poem titled “Never Be Alone,” advice her reflection provides on the daily.

The song’s a followup to her critically acclaimed smash, “Come Alive,” the first over-synthesized pop single Paris released last summer.

“Never Be Alone” is a trancey jammer most musicians would never dare execute, but because Paris lives the no ***** life style, she went for it. Her breathy vocals remind us a bit of her old #Blackout buddy Britney Spears. Add a thumping beat fit for a queen Or, an heiress, and you have an awesome club anthem.

I bet it sounds better drunk, in a club amidst a cloud of fog and lasers. As does everything.

Are you ever alone?