I get home from school today to find yet another package from “The Fantasy Team” but sent from a different address as the first package of items (Lisa ). Anyway, this weekend I will post formal pictures of everything I have recieved with a proper backdrop and surroundings along with a Fantasy bottle (opened) because I gave it to my mom (which she wears everyday, and she normally doesn’t ever wear perfume). Here is the first letter that was sent that I never posted:

I don’t feel like typing it out so just squint or wait til’ Saturday or Sunday.

THENNNNN I get another later today and that says:

And here are the gifts they sent today:

Now I just really want to say thank you SO much, because I know you could have sent it to any Britney site, and I’m grateful you sent it to mine. I was thinking (just thinking I’m not sure yet) to maybe auction these items off on the site and send the benefits to Hurricane Katrina victims. Soooo… if anyone wants to send me a Britney autograph while the lovin is going on, feel free. :amuse:, totally kidding. Enjoy your day.

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