But, like, is it Kylie Jenner singing?

Terror Jr. are back – and they’re not ******* around.

The mysterious pop outfit soundtracked Kylie Jenner’s lip kit commercial last year and were quickly at the centre of a “Is Kylie Jenner A Pop Star?” media storm because of the unknown female vocalist singing on their songs.

Soon after, their debut EP “Bop City” was released; an 8-track opus of dream-pop that on the surface seems sensual and moody but lyrically it’s all pretty dark.

They’ve just released “Caramel”, the first taste of “Bop City 2”, and while the production isn’t as hard-hitting, the lyrics read like they’re dragging the current state of the world. You’d never know by listening to the lush melodies, mind you.

“If you really care about another man sucking **** then you might be gay, *****.” Mic. Drop.

Listen to “Caramel” below.

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