BreatheHeavy Community Terminology


What the important Community key words mean.


When members update via the Activity Form.

Other members may reply with an Activity Comment.

Members may also UPDATE Activity on their personal PROFILE TIMELINE,  another Member Profile Timeline or within a GROUP.

Activity Form

An Activity Form is a box where Members can post a Status Update to their timeline or post to a Group.

BreatheHeavy Community

The BreatheHeavy Community is BreatheHeavy’s dynamic home to fans of pop music. It’s an empowering platform that encourages members to use their voice.


An action item when a Member responds to a Discussion post, a Pop Music News Post, or responds on the Community Activity Feed or an Update on a Group’s Feed.

Community Activity Feed

Displays all the updates from members site-wide.


Connecting with a Member allows you both to become “friends” and mutually follow each other.

To view your connections, visit the Connections page in your profile navigation.​


Discussions are threads created by Members in Exhale Forums. 


Exhale is a list of Discussions created by Members inside a Group.


Exhale Forums

The Exhale Forums contain a list of Groups. Inside those Groups, there are individualized Exhale discussions.


Displays content made in a Group, including new Discussions, Replies, when a Member Joins a Group.


Following a member allows you to see their updates in your Timeline.

Group Leader

The member who founded / created a Group.


A niche home for Members. It contains a Feed, Discussions, Photos.


Registered users of the BreatheHeavy Community platform.

View the Members List.

Pop Music News

News posts seen on the Community main page.


A Pop Music News post


A Member’s Profile is the place they’re taken to upon logging in. It includes their Timeline, place to update their Profile Photo, Header Photo, Connections, Email Invites, & Points Tally.


When a member responds to another Member’s comment


A Group that lives inside of a Group.

Example: The ‘Blackout’ Sub-Group inside the Britney Spears Group


Members who Subscribe to a Discussion will receive replies via email when a member replies.


A Timeline exists in a member’s Profile. A member will see updates in their Timeline from people they Follow as well as updates made in Groups they belong to.


When a Member Posts a comment, link, or photo from an Activity Form
contains Activity from Members