I’m not putting ~allegedly~ in the headline. Cause I don’t want to!

Britney’s former online content manager Joseph Nejman published a job posting several days ago on a private, Harvard-only employment board searching for a new social media director to manage Britney’s online properties. A.K.A. Britney’s current social media director, Lauren Kozak, was about to get the boot.


“Brandcasting Unlimited currently manages BritneySpears.com and all Britney’s digital media and online properties (YT, Fb, MS, Twitter, ect). We are looking for a Social Media guru to help manage Britney’s network and other high profile branded networks.”

According to Gawker.com, “after the job listing went up, Kozak has said she’s ‘still on the job.’ And that the person who was actually fired was her boss… The contact listed on the job posting is Joseph Nejman – presumably the boss Kozak mentioned getting fired.

The report continues to say the split in management concerning Britney’s online brands has left the Britney camp unsettled.

And if the sudden firing isn’t odd enough, the bloggers self-proclaimed “*******” at BritneySpears.com (no link; if you actually want to visit that shiz just copy & paste. Then jump off a cliff) have left the site unattended to for several days – a first since the site’s launch back in October. Are they (hopefully!) the next to go?! Start with the British one.

Looks like there’s a rocky shift at BS.com. Is it creative differences? Or is the money and politics getting in the way. Again.

Just go back to “coming soon.”

Image: Josephine Wall (look familiar?)

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