Britney’s Las Vegas show is going to be hot! Here are 10 rumors floating around Exhale about her residency that’s supposedly not an April Fool’s joke

Get your margarita out and take this with a grain of salt, and remember it’s April 1st:

1. The tentative start date for the residency is June 2014. Contracts HAVE been signed, they’re just holding off on announcing.

2. Planet Hollywood’s performing arts center is due to undergo renovations before the residency starts. They plan on starting the renovations in December and finishing them up in early March. They’re not renovating until December because they didn’t want to alienate summer tourists.

3. The renovations are happening ONLY because of Britney. In fact, it’s in the contract that she and her team have to approve the design plans and blueprint BEFORE the renovations start.

4. Britney’s residency wouldn’t start until June because of an album release in DECEMBER. They wanted to start it as early as March 2014, but Britney’s team is planning an international promo tour (mostly interviews) for the album that will start in the beginning of January and run for two weeks. Afterwards, Britney is hoping to have time to do a small 2 or 3 month world tour in support of the album (Most likely from February – April). If the world tour doesn’t work out, it is possible they could move the residency up to March, if the renovations are done.

5. Britney will host a New Year’s Eve party in Vegas this year.

6. She will perform a total of 43 shows on her residency, weekends only. The shows will be spread out over two years so she’ll have plenty of time off.

7. She’s being paid in the neighborhood of 30 million dollars just for the shows, plus a high percentage of merchandise sales.

8. It’s been said that these were some of the toughest contract negotiations in recent Vegas history. They initially wanted Britney to do a full on, week-by-week residency like Celine, where she would perform during the week. Britney was deadset on doing weekends only. The contract negotiations actually came to a HALT, with Britney refusing to negotiate further. 2 weeks later, Planet Hollywood Execs called her team with a new offer. The vegas execs were also worried that doing a world tour right before the residency would make people want to come see her less, but apparently that’s all been worked out.

9. Britney’s team actually advised AGAINST the residency in the beginning, and that Britney is the one who wanted to do it. She sees it as a great way to perform and do what she loves without having to spend so much time on the road and away from the boys.

10. They signed the contract when Britney was in Vegas for the weekend recently. Britney did NOT leave Shania’s show early because she couldn’t use her phone – She was SPECIFICALLY instructed to avoid afterparties and media.

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