Hear the latest ‘Love You to Death’ song from the Quin sisters.


Hear the latest from the Quin sisters.

Tegan and Sara are taking a page out of Ariana Grande’s promotional strategy playbook. They might not be releasing a song per day leading up to their album’s release on June 3rd, but they have no reservations sharing as much music as they can. The latest tune off the LP titled Love You to Death is “Stop Desire,” an ’80s-sounding synth fest with no shortage of catchy harmonies.

The ladies actually premiered the song live at their show in West Hollywood a few weeks ago, but the studio version is even more boisterous.

I keep denying, begging for attention
Dropping hints, hoping for some tension
Getting tired of making all this racket
Waiting on you to get your *** in here
I didn’t wanna be so investive
I played it cool and then I overdressed it
You were there, I was tired of this
Nonsense when you pretend you don’t

Listen here:

Previous to “Stop Desire,” Tegan and Sara released music videos for “100x”, “U-Turn” and “Boyfriend.”

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