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Jordan Miller

Editor In Chief / Owner

Founder of, a Britney Spears fansite turned influential music news blog. I graduated from UNLV with a degree in Journalism & Media Studies. When I’m not writing about Glory, I’m training as a competitive CrossFitter with Team WADBOD. I also have a Sphynx. He’s a cool cat.

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James Dinh


James is a twenty-something full-time music junkie, living in Brooklyn, New York. In his spare time, he enjoys debates about pop stars, eating endless amounts of pepperoni pizza and anything that Britney touches.

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Ross McNeilage


A 21-year-old writer, dancer and socialite-in-training who goes by Ross Lohan. He is obsessed with pop culture, spends hours screaming at reality tv and daydreaming of being a pop star.

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Jessica Petterson


27-year-old freelance journalist from Melbourne, Australia. Loves being surrounded by people, soaking up the city nightlife scene. Hobbies: yoga, painting, spin, swimming and dance.

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Aaron Butterfield


The old lady who dropped it in the ocean in the end, the kind of girl they’re running out of at the market, a true elusive chanteuse. Aaron is a 26 year old pop culture obsessive, who has received such rave reviews as “marginally funny” by one of his tens of devoted Twitter followers. When he’s not writing about pop music, you can find him misusing terms he heard on Ru Paul’s Drag Race and crying at Katherine Heigl movies.

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Nick Boysaw


An aficionado in all things pop music and anything with “Housewives” attached to the end of it. I’m a social media strategist who really just enjoys my dog, chicken strips and all of those silly memes you see on Twitter every day.