For a solid week, it looked like Britney moving to Vegas to perform for a string of shows at Planet Hollywood was the real deal, but it’s been extremely quiet recently. Is it the calm before the storm? If so, Britney should take some notes, because Vegas can either eat you up and spit you out, or be the perfect place for growth and exploration.

Brit’s dad Jamie fears Sin City might not be the best city for his recovering daughter.

A source told Life & Style magazine: “She has a bad track record there. This will be a bad temptation for her.”

“They intend to set her up in a mansion in the Nevada suburbs. There will be bodyguards, her father, her manager – they will ****** her to and from the show and watch her every move. They’ll make it like her life in California, just hotter.”

Give it a try, Brit. It’d be a great experience, and something NEW.


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