Jury selection began today for the libel and defamation lawsuit against Britney by ex-manager Sam Lutfi, according to Radaronline.com.

Sam Lutfi should expect to Brit’s lawyers to barrade him with a slew of tough questions, including his relationship with Courtney Love and her Tweets about Britney and her conservatorship.

Love Tweeted:

“She can judge X factor but she can’t talk in court?? She was in court weeks ago talking.”

“If you can’t smell a rat in @britneyspears conservatorship then wake the fack [sic] up!”

“It has been rumored that Sam is managing Courtney’s career, so Britney’s lawyers will want to cross examine him and will want the jury to know what Sam has told Courtney about the case,” the source said.

“Britney and Courtney don’t know each other – and Courtney knows nothing about what Britney has been through in the last four years.

“Sam was poisonous to Britney – she lost custody of her kids while he was her manager, and she was also hospitalized twice for mental health issues. It’s no coincidence that she’s now doing much better without Sam in her life.”

Britney’s lawyers will also try and understand Love’s Tweet about Sam:

“A ‘Svengali’ doesn’t take @britneyspears to meet @DonPassman in order to hire him as a lawyer! @samlutfi was bringing her to best team alive.”

“The fact is that people in Britney’s life at the time had to go through Sam to communicate with her. This will all be revealed at the trial,” the source revealed.

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