Team Britney Asks Judge To Move Harassment Case To Probate Court

November 2, 2010 By Jordan Miller

Britney’s team is asking a judge to protect her from a potential “shake down” by former bodyguard Fernando Flores who could release information that may put Britney in danger, according to

Flores filed a lawsuit against Britney for sexual harassment and spilled his guts to the media in September about his allegations, saying:


“The routine was always the same. She’d call security and tell me to be in her room in 15 minutes and not to be late.

When I got there she’d be naked. One time I walked in and she seemed to be pleasuring herself on the bed. She was running her hands over her body and had this look on her face like she was possessed.

I think she thought I’d be sexually aroused and would do something with her. But I walked out. She hit on me and exposed herself more times than I can remember. I told my superiors about my concerns but they never took me seriously. In the end I had no choice but to quit.”

TMZ says Flores wants the case tried in civil court because it’d allow him to release private information about Britney in an attempt to extort a settlement from her.

According to new legal documents filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Britney’s team is requesting the judge move the case to probate court where Flores’ allegations could be kept private and keep Britney from a “shake down.”

The conservators also believe, “There is a real possibility that Ms. Spears will be exposed to danger by the release of confidential and personal information.”

The hearing is scheduled for the end of November.

Either Flores is insane for standing up to Team Jamie and Company, or wants to squeeze a pretty penny out of Britney!