Welcome back to #ThrowbackThursday!

Each week BreatheHeavy takes you into the darkest depths of our iTunes to honor some of the most unappreciated deep-cuts from your favorite pop acts.

This week the spotlight falls on the most loved Australian export since Ugg Boots, Miss Kylie Minogue and her 2008 b-side “Cherry Bomb”.

Whilst still relatively unknown in the US, Kylie is one of the biggest stars that Australia has ever produced, racking up an impressive 7 no. 1 singles in the UK alone and moving more than 68 million records worldwide. However, as a bonafide pop princess, Kylie suffers from many of the same problems as your fave, namely the occasionally terrible tracklisting decision.

No album had more bizarre choices than 2007’s comeback record ‘X’. Her first album since the “I Should Be So Lucky” starlet was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, to say there was a lot of pressure on Miss Minogue is probably an understatement. Whilst ‘X’ is a decent album and a gem in Kylie’s largely solid discography, a lot of the best tracks recorded for the project were relegated to bonus material or b-side status. Unfortunately, “Cherry Bomb” was no exception.

The song appeared as the bonus track to the double release of the second and third singles from the project, “Wow” and “In My Arms”, despite being an arguably stronger track than either single. Although it’s since gone on to become the ultimate super-fan favorite, it’s still one of the most under-appreciated moments in Kylie’s career.

Produced by powerhouse pop production duo Bloodshy & Avant (“Toxic”, “Piece of Me” and last week’s #tbt “Unusual You”), the song is a typical B&A affair, featuring a dirty electro vibe, plenty of clipped synths, ridiculous lyrics and still stands as one of the catchiest endeavors Minogue has worked up since “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”.

Equally exciting is Kylie’s credit as the lead writer for the track – a status she claimed on almost every track from ‘X’. Kylie has long been seen as a manufactured pop act with her artistic talent and credibility questioned on countless occasions, but with ‘X’ she proved once and for all that as well as being a dance floor diva, she’s a formidable songwriter who knows her way around a damn good hook and has a deliciously ludicrous lyrical style.

It stands to reason that as a b-side Kylie didn’t perform the song on her outstanding ‘X2008 Tour’, but “Cherry Bomb” did get its moment in the sun on the completely unique ‘Anti-Tour’ in 2012. To celebrate 25 years in the industry (seriously, when will your fave?), Minogue played a series of tiny venues with a setlist entirely comprised of album tracks, b-sides and bonus material with seldom a hit single in sight. She prefaced “Cherry Bomb” by labelling it one of the most requested songs for the tour before finally premiering the track’s only live iteration.

Kylie Minogue is maybe one of the most relentlessly underrated artists in modern pop music and “Cherry Bomb” is one of her most exciting deep-cuts. Now if we could get a track this sublime for the follow up to 2014’s arguably underwhelming ‘Kiss Me Once’, that’d be great.

What’s your favorite unreleased Kylie song? Don’t forget to leave a comment letting us know who we should cover for next week’s #ThrowbackThursday.