Plus enjoy a playlist of 70 songs from the iconic singer.

#TBT Amy Winehouse's "Back In Black"

The legendary Amy Winehouse lived a painfully short life.

Four years ago today, July 23, 2011, a brilliant but troubled 27-year-old Amy Winehouse passed away. Her demons, which ultimately assisted in her untimely demise, forced the singer away from music and into a downward spiral of self-inflicted abuse. However, during the acute time she spent on Earth, Miss Winehouse blessed music thanks to her soulful, one-of-a-kind voice with songs like “What Is It About Men,” “Me & Mr. Jones” and “Rehab.”

As a teenager, Winehouse used music to help cope with daily struggles a teenager may face. For instance, the separation of her parents or body image issues, but she never thought it’d guide her to superstardom passed over-saturation. Did she have any idea swarms of paparazzi, a toxic romantic relationship and a blitz of drugs & alcohol would contribute toward her unfortunate premature death? Maybe, but one thing’s for sure is Amy Winehouse knew she could absolutely ******* sing.

Today, BreatheHeavy is honoring Winehouse by highlighting her massive five-time Grammy award winning “Back To Black” record by sharing the album’s title track (above) and a playlist of 70 iconic songs from the late singer (below).

Ladies and gentlemen, Amy Winehouse: