On the way to Good Morning America and THIS HAPPENS #blankspace #TS1989

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So it’s gonna be forever, or it’s gonna go down in flames.

According to T Swift’s record label, Republic Records, “Blank Space” is slated to be single #2 off “1989,” and I approve!

Taylor says of “Blank Space:”

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“I had been thinking a lot about how the media has created this complex, fictionalized cartoon version of me, you know, this man-eating, jet-setting serial dater who reels them in, but scares them off because she’s clingy and needy; then she’s all dejected, so she goes into her lair and writes a song as a weapon. I mean, man, that’s pretty intense. And I started thinking about what an interesting character that person is. And, if I was that person, what would my life motto be, my mantra? What would I say? I think I’d own it.” (basically Taylor Swift is gonna gone girl herself)

It’s impacting radio on November 10th.

I’d like to see “Style,” “Wonderland” or “Bad Blood” become a single eventually.

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