She’s not that cutthroat.

Taylor Swift is a marketing genius, but she’s also sometimes cutthroat.

I’m referring to the pop star dropping 1989 onto Spotify the same night Katy Perry’s Witness album debuted. Her reps claimed the timing was coincidental, but left it open-ended. The latest speculation – that her new album Reputation is getting released on the 10th anniversary of the death of Kanye West’s mom (November 10) – they’re flat out denying that one.

As you’re very, very well aware, Taylor and Kanye have had an ongoing feud for nearly a decade, but there’s absolutely no truth that Swift decided to drop her much-anticipated record on a date that would gut Kanye.

A source at Big Machine Records, Swift’s record label, told Rolling Stone “there is no correlation,” adding: “it is standard practice that releases come out on Fridays and we locked in this release date based on other Universal Music Group releases.”

This makes sense. Swift is playing up the whole snake thing with her image shakeup, but she’s not heartless. Right?

Revisit her new song “Look What You Made Me Do” below:

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