I never trust a rumor, but they love me.


I never trust a rumor, but they love me.


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Where there’s smoke… there’s fire! The rumor that Taylor Swift’s next single is “Don’t Blame Me” picked up a little steam this week when it was announced a new limited-edition litho of the track was available for sale. This is by no means a confirmation, but we’re on the right track.

It’s worth mentioning there’s also one for “Getaway Car,” so Swifties believe she’ll release these two singles simultaneously. Both solid choices, but like I stated months ago…  Justice for “Dancing With Our Hands Tied.”


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We had reason to believe Taylor Swift’s next Reputation single was “I Did Something Bad,” but if we are to read into Joseph Kahn’s new Tweet, it could very well be “Don’t Blame Me.”

Kahn, who has exclusively directed all of Taylor’s videos this era (and most from 1989), trolled the Internet with a Tweet that included the song title. 

He commented on a Tweet that said he wrote, “Loose lips sink ships.” He denied ever writing it because that’s ~something a 13 year old girl would say.~ It’s worth mentioning Taylor sings those exact words in 1989 track “I Know Places.” Kahn knows this.

Swifties are under the impression that’s the director’s way of subtly hinting at the next single/video.

I don’t have the energy to decipher Kahn’s Internet trolling, but this feels like a semi-confirmation, and I’ll take what I can get. Justice for “Dancing With Our Hands Tied.”


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Taylor Swift is reportedly readying her next Reputation banger. Word on the street says the singer will release “I Did Something Bad” as the official fifth single. Because the world has not had enough of feisty Tay Tay.

The rumor popped up on Stan Twitter (are they ever wrong though?), so we’ll have to wait and see. It’s worth mentioning “Getaway Car” was the rumored fifth single, but I personally would prefer “I Did Something Bad” to that. But since you asked, my choice is “Dancing With Our Hands Tied.”


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Thoughts on “I Did Something Bad” possibly being the fifth Reputation single? Leave a comment below!

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