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UPDATE: The video premiered on Apple Music and indeed uses footage from the 1989 Tour. Watch below:


Taylor Swift is rounding out the 1989 era with a tour video.

It’s rumored Swift will drop a new record some time this year, but she isn’t quite ready to let go of 1989 just yet. She’s got one more single up her sleeve, and it’s “New Romantics.” While there’s a million creative directions she could go for the video, word on the street says she’s planning to center it around her massive 1989 tour.

Joe Mack, a music director on radio station Q107.5, claims he saw the visual and confirms it uses footage shot throughout the tour.


One fan followed up asking if the clip is like her past tour music videos, like “Fearless,” “Sparks Fly” and “Red.”


In other words… yes. Play “New Romantics” on your iPod then watch the 1989 World Tour special on Apple Music and voila.

Revisit her past tour videos below:

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