Swift began production on the beaches of New Zealand and animal activists are worried she’s threatening baby dotterel birds.


Taylor Swift has another controversy to shake off.

Swift put forth some of the most-watched music videos of all time this year, and she’s not about to let the 1989 momentum lose steam.

It’s rumored the next single is “Out Of The Woods,” but instead of filming in a forest, Swift and a film crew were spotted on the beaches of New Zealand. The shoot that took place earlier this week had permits cleared for two cars to venture onto Bethells Beach in Auckland, but she reportedly showed up with her entourage of 12 vehicles.


The move angered Auckland conservationists, who say the beach is home to endangered baby dotterel birds, reports the NZ Herald.

Waitakere Ranges local board chairwoman Sandra Coney posted a note on Facebook about Swift allegedly violating her filming permit and the affect it can have on that breed of bird.

The statement reads, “Taylor Swift filming at Bethells this week. Permission was given for I think 2 vehicles, instead there were about a dozen. Parks not happy at all. We are trying to minimise vehicles on beaches for good reasons but at Bethells there are baby dotterels. We have developed a dotterel management plan as there is a heap of filming out there, and we welcome it as economic activity that should leave no footprint, but Taylor’s lot did not respect the environment or the conditions of their consent.”

Another board member noted the news was “disturbing” as there were only about 10 dotterels at the beach at any one time, saying “the numbers aren’t large by any means,” but “people needed to stick to the rules. Once we lose the birds they don’t come back in a hurry. If one person gets away with that, then others think, ‘why can’t we?'”

Earlier this year, Swift faced heat when people claimed she was white washing in her “Wildest Dreams” music video. Director Joseph Kahn told BreatheHeavy after the fact he expected the backlash because of her immense fame.

“I’ve seen artists get to her level, and I’ve worked with a lot of them, and once you hit that beautiful pinnacle of pop popularity, people are going to take shots at you and they will find anything to take you down,” he said. “It can destroy people… If it wasn’t this, it was going to be something else. It was going to be anything.”

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