There’s some room for improvement.

Taylor Swift performed “Look What You Made Me Do” for the first time ever at the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball on Friday, and there’s some room for improvement.

Look, y’all know I’m a proud Swifty. I defend her radical business-savvy moves and even applaud how ruthless her industry game is. No other pop star comes close. Reputation is flawless and is one of my favorite records of 2017. But (there’s always a but) I can’t say I was entirely thrilled with Swift’s debut performance of the lead single.

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What’s going on here? I’m going to let the outfit slide, because whatever, but the stage presence and choreography? It was lackluster. It was as if she thought, ‘this is a pop anthem and it needs a pop dance routine.’ Wrong. Swift is notorious for marching to the beat of her own drum, so I would have appreciated a little creativity here. I get that it’s ~only Jingle Ball~ and that her tour will no doubt feature the pizazz, but this is Taylor Swift we’re talking about. Everything she does is under a magnifying glass, so the quirky handography and shaky vocal/syncing will inevitably get picked apart from know-it-all bloggers like myself. It’s a no from me this time.

Watch below and let us know what YOU think in the comments:

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  1. Not going to lie, I was happy when Taylor went pop, because she was never true country in my eyes. But “Reputation” went a step too far. It feels disingenuous to me, and generic. “1989” was a great pop record, but I cannot say the same about her newest release. Disappointed.

  2. Taylor just doesn’t have the natural swagger to support this new sound she’s going for. She just looks like some basic white girl doing a cheerleading routine at her high school talent show. There’s just no substance there…

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