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Taylor Swift was a bitchy teen like the rest of us.

Have you logged into your MySpace account in the last five years? Same. And neither has Taylor Swift, whose old page is getting kicked around the Internet today after Buzzfeed dug up some embarrassing bits for our enjoyment.

Just like Kanye West was behind Kim Kardashian’s latest Twitter tirade, we’re fairly sure Katy Perry has something to do with this.

Screen shots from Swift’s 2005 MySpace page are making the rounds on Tumblr today, and in the comments she assures her friends she’s “just like us.” We’d like to note the only quote Swift references in the screen shots obtained is a line from South Park‘s Eric Cartman: “I do what I want.” Correct, one of our generation’s most commercially successful songwriters quotes South Park.

It also includes several rare shots of Swift, including the one above and this emo-tastic selfie:


Some of our favorite lines from 15-year-old Swift include: “THAT PICTURE OF ME UP AT THE TOP IS GROSS. THAT IS SICK TAKE IT DOWN. It serves NO purpose other than to make me look FUGLY. I want it off NOW. but i loove you.”

And “PUT UP PROM PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!”

And “haha **** sewing machines.”

Peep the entire MySpace mess below:









As for those prom pictures she demanded?


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