Talk about a modern day Mother Theresa.

Taylor Swift's Concert Wristbands Just Saved Some Lives

Just another benefit from seeing Tay Tay live.

You know Taylor Swift as many things, including a hit maker, cat lover, girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, New York City ambassador, Maxim covergirl, and you can now add lifesaver to that list.

On Friday (May 22), three 1989 World Tour concert goers were driving home from the show when Elizabeth Dazzio fell asleep behind the wheel and crashed her car. Dazzio was knocked unconscious, but her sister and her friend remained awake inside the mangled car with dead phones and no onlookers to help them get out of the vehicle.

According to local news station WBRZ, since no cars were stopping to help them, they used their concert wristbands, which were synced to the beat of the music from the show, to get some attention.

Cars passed and none stopped so the girls used bracelets from the show, that had been programmed and synced to the beat of the music, as emergency flares to get the attention of people driving by.”

Swift got word of the incident and took to Twitter to share the story and her relief for her fans.

Bottom line: Attend a Taylor Swift concert and you’ll likely come out with A. an even greater love for 1989 B. a wristband that seriously might be of use.